International Tax Symposium "Theory and Practice of Tax Reforms"

Information letter 10th Symposium



30 June – 7 July 2018


Russky island


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We invite you to take part in the 10th International Symposium "Theory and Practice of Tax Reforms", which will be held in Vladivostok on the Russky Island (Russia) in the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU).

The purpose of the symposium is to discuss current problems of reforming tax systems, develop new theoretical and methodological approaches to improve the tax policy, and the formation of teams for conducting collaborative researches on taxation.

Languages of the symposium: Russian, English, Chinese. 

Regulation: The symposium provides a plenary session and a number of round tables, thematic sections, Doctorate Day. The plenary discussion (simultaneous interpretation into English and Chinese languages is avaliable), sections and round tables are carried out a limited number of reports, previously reviewed and selected by the program committee according to pre-announced criteria. The discussion procedure is the same: the plenary report - up to 15 minutes, the section report (speech at the round table) - up to 10 minutes, answering the questions - up to 5 minutes, discussion (except round tables and Doctorate Day) - up to 5 minutes.

The focus of the 10th Symposium is theoretical and practical aspects of the development of environmental taxation and taxation of natural resources.

The organization of thematic round tables and sections is planned:

  1. Theoretical and methodological problems of taxation.
  2. Theory and practice of environmental taxation.
  3. Theory and practice of taxation of natural resources.
  4. Development of tax administration methodology.
  5. Development of empirical research and mathematical modeling in taxation.
  6. Designing the tax system in a digital economy (foresight session).
  7. Problems and prospects for the development of environmental taxation in APEC countries (round table in English).
  8. Improvement of the tax system of the People's Republic of China (section in Chinese with simultaneous translation).

To participate in the Doctoral Candidate's Day, candidates for a Doctorate of Economic Science are invited, who pass to the public examination with the main scientific results of their research. Experts are leading specialists on tax issues. After the discussion, applicants will receive the recommendations from leading scientists on the further preparation of research results for the defending

By the beginning of the symposium it is planned to publish:

monographs on the taxation of natural resources and environmental taxation (language - Russian). Note: procedures for selecting authors and distribution of paragraphs are completed;

articles of the symposium (language - Russian, English).

A personal invitation will be sent to you by 15.04.2018 by e-mail.


The application form with the repost must be submit not later than 15 February 2018 on the symposium web site with the article submission. 

The participation without the report must be applied not later than 10th of April 2018 on the symposium web site.

After these dates, the participants’ registration is impossible.

NOTE: one participant can be an author of only one article in the magazine. This limit does not apply to the articles in «Journal of Tax Reform». 

The content is sent in electronic through the registration function and additional sending to the symposium web site. This option won`t be available after 15.02.18 


Page limit: 10 pages (for an article). Font: Тimes New Roman 14, spacing – 1,5, all fields are 20 mm.

Articles: articles must be made in accordance with the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia (the title, abstract of 10-12 lines, key words in Russian and English, the purpose of the article, analysis of the degree of research of the problem, presentation of the main material, conclusions, directions for further research, bibliographic list). In the upper right corner of the page the name is indicated. (in full), academic degree and author's title, place of work, city, e-mail address, author's ORCID, below in the middle of the page is the title of the article.

References: a bibliography for each article is given in the form of a list at the end of the article, and a reference to the corresponding source is given in the order in which they are mentioned in the text in square brackets [].

Note: The Program Committee reviews and selects materials for printing. Before starting the review of the article, they pass the test for originality. Materials that do not correspond to the subject of the symposium and (or) the specified requirements will not be accepted for printing. Among the published materials, the program committee carries out a competitive selection of reports submitted for discussion.

Place of residence

Accommodation during the entire duration of the symposium will be carried out in the hotel complex of the FEFU campus on Russky Island. When applying, the participant indicates what type of room he needs, and the organizing committee makes a reservation of the corresponding number. Payment is made by the participant when check-in. Possible accommodation: single room, double room, "Suite", President. Reduced fare. The price for a single room will be 2600 rubles per night (breakfast not included). Additional information about the rooms is available on the website 


Note. Application form for participation in symposium is filled out on the web-page: 

To get more access to informational resources and receive notification about symposium, we recommend participants to set up a personal account before registration 

Note. The personal account set-up is made only once, while registration is an annual procedure


  1. The Organizing Committee accepts only materials for publication from participants who will present their works personally. 
  2. The content is not sent by mail to the participants, incl. and those participants who initially stated participation, but before the start of the symposium, changed their status for participation in absentia for any reason (the authorized representative of such participant can receive the content on the day of registration, provided that the registration fee is paid).
  3. The application is made by each author (co-author) individually on the web site of the symposium. At the same time, one of the co-authors can declare of participation in absentia.
  4. Payment for the symposium content, transportation, accommodation and meals is provided by the participants. The payment for the content of the symposium (registration fee of 3500 rub) is paid with Sberbank-online before the registration Оплата материалов симпозиума (the transfer procedure will the available on the symposium web site).

Note. We highly recommend participants to purchase tickets to Vladivostok and back as soon as possible while subsidised rates are available (on Aeroflot website or in the ticket office) 

The Organizing Committee provides a meeting of participants at the airport (July 1) and departure to the airport (July 7). Arrival and departure on other dates requires participants to organize transfer themselves.


Of symposium Organizing Commitee

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), School of Economics and Management, «Finance and Credit» department 690091, Russky island, FEFU campus, building G, Office. G622

Phone: +79146665093 (Zhanna Lyalina)


E-mail of The Organizing Commitee:

Infotmational Support:

  • «Izvestia FEFU. Economics and Management» journal
  • «Innovative development of Economy» journal
  • «Tax and Financial Law» journal
  • «Economics, Taxes and Law» journal
  • «Finance» journal
  • «Journal of Tax Reform» journal


  • 30 June – departure of participants;
  • 1 July – arrival of participants, hotel check-in, registration;
  • 2 July – plenary meeting, dinner;
  • 3 July – round table, sections` work, tour of FEFU Campus;
  • 4 July – round table, sections` work; 
  • 5 July – tour of Vladivostok, visiting the tax inspection, visiting the Oceanrium (additional applications required);
  • 6 July – sections` work, boat trip;
  • 7 July – participants` departure.

Note: Participants pay for their trip and accommodation by themselves. Booking FEFU hotel rooms is made by The Organizing Committee by the participants` application. Additional information about rooms and living in FEFU is provided below.


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