International Tax Symposium "Theory and Practice of Tax Reforms"

Special issue of Journal of Tax Reform

Editorial Board Journal of Tax Reform

and the Program Committee of the 10-th International Symposium

"Theory and practice of tax reforms"

announce a set of articles forspecial issue of the Journal


Admission of full-length articles of tax subjects (language English) for publication in the Journal of Tax Reform is announced. No. 3.Vol. 4. 2018.

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 Algorithm of submission and examination of articles:

1. The authors send an article prepared according to the requirements of the journal in electronic form to the editorial office of the journal by e-mail: The recommended volume of the article is at least 6000 words. Guidelines for authors:

2. Deadline for submission of articles: before June 1, 2018.

3. The executive secretary within 7 days notifies the authors about the receipt of the article by e-mail, checks the article for compliance with formal criteria (volume of the article, structure, design). If necessary, correspond with the authors about the removal of comments. After the remarks are removed, the article is sent to the main (scientific) editor and to the editorial board.

4. The received articles are considered by the editorial board within 10 days for correspondence of the article to the profile, concept and subject of the Journal.

5. The received articles are submitted for public examination of the symposium participants (Russkyisland, June 30-July 7, 2018). The list of selected articles is published on the symposium's website and is included in the symposium program.

6. The procedure of public examination includes mandatory presentation and discussion of research materials (report time - up to 15 minutes, experts - members of the editorial board of the journal, language - Russian, English).

7. Following the results of a public examination, the editorial board forms a list of selected articles and proposals for the finalization of these articles.

8. The authors finalize the articles before September 1 and are sent to the editorial office of the journal by e-mail:

9. The authors pay the organizational fee at the same time as submitting the revised version of the article to the editorial staff. Organizational fee: 10 thousand rubles is paid after passing a public examination and selecting an article for publication. The fee is paid by transfer to the details indicated by the editorial office.


10. The editorial staff produces additional language editing of articles by native speakers, prints and distributes the journal.

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