International Tax Symposium "Theory and Practice of Tax Reforms"

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We invite you to participate in the 12th International Symposium "Theory and Practice of Tax Reforms", which will be held in University of Tyumen (UTMN), Tyumen, Russia.

The purpose of the symposium is to discuss actual problems of reforming tax systems, to develop new theo-retical and methodological approaches to improving tax policy, and to create working teams for conducting re-search in the field of taxation.

Languages of the symposium: Russian, English. Symposium procedure: The symposium provides a plenary session and a number of round tables, thematic sessions. During the plenary discussion (simultaneous in-terpretation into English will be provided), sessions and round tables only a limited number of reports, previously reviewed and selected by the program committee accord-ing to pre-announced criteria will be presented. Instruc-tions for presentations: the plenary presentation - up to 15 minutes, the session presentation (speech at the round ta-ble) - up to 10 minutes, answering the questions - up to 5 minutes, discussion - up to 5 minutes.

The focus of the 12th Symposium is theoretical and practical aspects of value-added taxation, excise taxation and customs duties.

It is planned to organize the fallowing thematic round tables and sessions:

1. Theoretical and methodological problems of indi-rect taxation.

2. Development of theory and practice of indirect tax-ation administration.

3. Best world practices in value added taxation and ex-cise taxation.

4. Improvement of tax regulation through indirect tax-ation and customs and tariff regulation.

5. Development of empirical research and mathemati-cal modelling in indirect taxation.

6. Public discussion of articles submitted to the «Jour-nal of Tax Reform».

7. Round Table "Indirect Taxation in the Digital Econ-omy: Challenges and Prospects"

To the beginning of the Symposium it is planned to publish:

- two monographs on indirect taxation: (1) «The-orist-methodological palette of indirect taxa-tion»; (2) «Architects of modern taxation on a demand basis» (language - Russian). Note: in-formation letter is available at 

(procedures of selecting authors and distrib-uting of paragraphs are completed);

- articles of the symposium (language - Russian, English).

A personal invitation will be sent to you by 15.04.2020 by e-mail.


Dates of the symposium: 29 June – 4 July 2020

Deadline for application with submission of full paper: 15 February 2020.

Deadline for application in case if the participant is going to take part in symposium without publishing a paper: 10 April 2020

Deadline for receiving a personal invitation: 10.04.2020. Invitations will be sent via e-mail.

Payment of the conference fee: 30 April 2020

Conference fee: 3500 RUB

NOTE: One participant can be an author of only one jour-nal article. Papers are submitted only via the web-site of the symposium during the registration or can be at-tached after the registration but not later than 15 February 2020. After the deadline the option will be not available.

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